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WTF Is an NFT?
Jesse Cramer  |  Budgets Are Sexy

NFTs have been referred to as “digital Beanie Babies.” There is no intrinsic value to the layperson, and the market appears to be built upon an unstable foundation of greater fools. But perhaps there are some positive cases for them.

FIRE Lessons From the Jamaican Bobsled Team
Joel  |  Budgets Are Sexy

It doesn’t matter how fast you become a millionaire or what age you “retire,” it’s about doing what you want to do in life. It’s about the smile on your face.

7 Side Hustles Perfect for Couples
Joel  |  Budgets Are Sexy

Many people don’t want to take on a second job because they’d miss being home with their partner in the afternoons. Well, if you find a good hustle idea together, you can still earn extra cash without being separated!

How I Went Mining and Made My Wife’s Unique Engagement Ring
Joel  |  Budgets Are Sexy

The stone is a Yogo Sapphire. And the reason it’s weird-shaped is because I mined it with my bare hands! The setting and band are white gold with teeny tiny diamonds all around it. The all-in cost was $1,390.

6 Tips to Becoming a Ninja Tax Organizer
Joel  |  Budgets Are Sexy

Each year, I find my previous year’s tracking sheet and cut/paste all the data to start a new sheet. It’s a template I use over and over again and most of my forms and tax documents stay the same…