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The Iron Triangle of Investing

David Graham, MD  |  FI Physician

There is a concept in project management called the Iron Triangle, or the triple constraint. Choose two: Good/Fast/Cheap. You can’t have all three. When investing, similarly, you can’t have it all.

The FIRE 529 – A Bonus Retirement Account?

David Graham, MD  |  FI Physician

If you are a Super-Saver and already maxing out all of your tax preferred space, look into a 529 as a bonus retirement account. Use it for your bond location, or other tax inefficient investments.

Upstream Gifting and Gains

David Graham, MD  |  FI Physician

These maneuvers don’t take a ton of time and can save thousands of dollars in capital gains taxes. Not a bad return on investment as every dollar the government doesn’t get is another one to spend or give away.