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Reduce your subscriptions (and save money) during a ‘Scream Test’

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I’m 100% sure my household isn’t utilising all it’s subscriptions, and so the scream test will quickly determine what we are using and more importantly what we aren’t using.

Starting Your Journey to Financial Independence In Your 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and Beyond

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This post is for those who are worried it’s too late to start a journey of Financial Independence. Turn your life experiences, information and knowledge into strengths which someone at 18 or in their 20’s won’t have!

I Invested In Crypto Instead of The Work Lottery Pool

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Before this week I have never considered investing in cryptocurrency. However, the numbers made me realise that investing in crypto has a far better chance of me coming out with anything then joining a lotto pool.

How Frugal Are You? (A Checklist)

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I always believe there is room for improvement so I audited our household against 70 tips to cut expenses, save money and live a thrifty life… I’ve created a free printable for you to try it for yourself.