Humble Dollar


Answering the Call
Don Southworth  |  Humble Dollar

When we say “no” to our dreams, to the adventures of spirit and life that often unexpectedly beckon to us, a little bit dies inside.

Wooden Spoons
Jim Wasserman  |  Humble Dollar

A wooden spoon will serve most purposes just as well as a silver one, and yet it is the latter that’s more desired, despite costing far more. Irrational, but very human.

Any Interest?
Kenyon Sayler  |  Humble Dollar

Many brick-and-mortar banks are paying one tenth that amount. Meanwhile, Series I savings bonds (don’t roll your eyes) are currently offering 1.68%. That’s an extra $118 in annual interest on a $10,000 emergency fund.

The Joy of a Legacy Letter
Kathleen M. Rehl  |  Humble Dollar

A couple of times a year, I reread Mom’s legacy letter, written 14 years ago. Her wisdom and advice still speak to me today. How many times do you think I have revisited my mother’s legal will? Never.

Mercedes and Me
Richard Quinn  |  Humble Dollar

What’s the point of expensive trappings that can’t be paid for in full… It’s like cheating on a test. You get an A, but you learn nothing and accomplish nothing.