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It Will Be Too Late Tomorrow
Damian |  Banker on FIRE

It doesn’t really matter how old you are today or the fact you didn’t get started earlier. What matters is that if you wait any longer, the contributions required to achieve the same financial goal will rise exponentially.

Is Dividend Investing Worth It?
Damian |  Banker on FIRE

I get it – dividend stocks (or funds) can be very additive to your portfolio, especially in retirement. But as you contemplate investing for dividends, please don’t lose sight of the bigger picture.

Dogs And Wolves
Damian |  Banker on FIRE

What it ultimately boils down to is that your employer will always want to have as much leverage as possible over you… What your employer wants out of you, and what you want for yourself, are two wildly different things.

How to Prepare For a Stock Market Crash
Damian |  Banker on FIRE

Planning for a crash gives me comfort. The comfort of having a decent sense of what the impact on my portfolio is going to be… the comfort of knowing that I will take advantage of the depressed prices…

When Your Money Makes More Money Than You Do
Damian |  Banker on FIRE

This is when the real magic starts to happen. What you once thought is unattainable has now become reality – all through a combination of discipline and an undemanding savings rate.