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The Real Benefits Of Daycare: One Man’s Six-figure Expense Revisited

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The biggest benefit of daycare is that it lets me be myself again. When I’m “all-in” on parenting, I am not honoring those other parts of my identity. Ironically, daycare makes me a better parent.

Ain’t Nobody Getting Rich Off Tomatoes

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This Tweet is so bad that it’s good and so good that it’s bad again. I’ve been spending countless hours working through the math and it’s eating my soul.

I Tried to Get Rich Off Dogecoin and All I Got Was This Lousy Blog Post

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I thought it’d be fun to buy some Dogecoin and RIDE IT TO THE MOON! But in the end, it was harder for me to buy a Dogecoin than it was to actually buy a freakin’ Shiba Inu.