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Are You Waiting For an Elevator?
Joel |  5AM Joel

Most people wait their entire lives for elevators to pick them up. They want an express pass to success. Stairs however are a guaranteed path upwards.

FIRE Lessons From the Jamaican Bobsled Team
Joel |  Budgets Are Sexy

It doesn’t matter how fast you become a millionaire or what age you “retire,” it’s about doing what you want to do in life. It’s about the smile on your face.

7 Side Hustles Perfect for Couples
Joel |  Budgets Are Sexy

Many people don’t want to take on a second job because they’d miss being home with their partner in the afternoons. Well, if you find a good hustle idea together, you can still earn extra cash without being separated!

How I Went Mining and Made My Wife’s Unique Engagement Ring
Joel |  Budgets Are Sexy

The stone is a Yogo Sapphire. And the reason it’s weird-shaped is because I mined it with my bare hands! The setting and band are white gold with teeny tiny diamonds all around it. The all-in cost was $1,390.

6 Tips to Becoming a Ninja Tax Organizer
Joel |  Budgets Are Sexy

Each year, I find my previous year’s tracking sheet and cut/paste all the data to start a new sheet. It’s a template I use over and over again and most of my forms and tax documents stay the same…