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The 9 Best Paychecks in the World 🏆

Joel |  Budgets Are Sexy

The feeling of getting paid while doing nothing on vacation is awesome. It’s a glimpse into what future financial independence feels like!

Fun and Weird Money Superstitions 🕷️

Joel |  Budgets Are Sexy

Apparently if a spider crawls into your pocket, aka a “money spider,” it will bring you good fortune. Some believe dreaming of spiders means money will come into your life soon.

Dear Wife, Here’s How to FIRE If I Die Early

Joel |  Budgets Are Sexy

Sorry about the financial $hitshow I’m leaving behind! Hopefully, this letter will help you clean up the mess, simplify our stuff, and help you create a new/clean plan moving forward.

Value Based Budgeting = More Happiness for Your Dollars

Joel |  Budgets Are Sexy

The biggest key to a values based budget is establishing your personal values and priorities in life. This is way harder than it sounds! It requires some deep questioning of yourself!

30 Mini-Challenges for September

Joel |  Budgets Are Sexy

Here are 30 x daily challenges I’ve come up with for September. Print ‘em out, check ‘em off, do all of them or as many as you can. Small things add up over time!!

The Unknown Monk

Joel |  Budgets Are Sexy

Being a millionaire starts with learning how to make, save, and invest $1. Then repeat that process a million times.