People Smarter Than Us Know Things That We Don’t — And That’s Okay
Kevin |  Financial Panther

The beauty of investing is you don’t have to be smart to do it well. You don’t even need to try to do better than most. Instead, you can accept that you don’t know that much and aim for average.

Watching Others Move Forward When You’re Still Figuring Things Out
Kevin |  Financial Panther

I’ve had a problem with chasing prestige for most of my life… for me, prestige felt like a trap. It put me into a job and career path that wasn’t a good fit for me.

How I Made $1,582.47 in Side Hustles Last Month
Kevin |  Financial Panther

The surprisingly lucrative side hustles this month outside of food deliveries were ProductTube and PrestoShopper. Both of these side hustles are ones I often mix into my food deliveries, as I’m typically able to do them while I’m out delivering…