Michelle Jackson

Not a Financial Unicorn

Michelle Jackson |  Michelle Is Money Hungry

In a world that pushes the Financial Unicorn trope – “I paid off $100k in 7 months or I retired at 32 or I changed my income by $100k in 8 weeks” – it’s important to share the unsexy financial…

Are Billionaires Evil? Even if They Are Rihanna? (Podcast)

Michelle Jackson |  Michelle Is Money Hungry

Recently, Rihanna became a billionaire. What I found so interesting about this development was the muted reaction to her reaching this milestone. Is it time to eat the rich?

Falling Out of Love With FIRE

Michelle Jackson |  Women’s Personal Finance

As I found myself disillusioned with regular FIRE, I started falling in love with Slow FIRE. Designing a lifestyle that serves me NOW, while intentionally working to better my finances for the long-term.