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Financial Kintsugi: Finding The Beauty In Flaws

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Kintsugi is an art form where you take an object that is broken and transform it into something even more glorious. If we all can find our inner Kintsugi perhaps we can not only elevate ourselves but those around us.

Discounted Life Flow

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We need to start thinking like investors about our lifespan. There has to be some suitable compromise between the extremes of parsimony and YOLO philosophies.

How I Categorize Cash Flow

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The biggest, and most important, division I make is if the money is coming in from a retirement account or not. Using this information can shed some light on how I would fare in early retirement.

Forget About Raising The Roof. Raise the Floor!

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All of us are the general managers of our own financial home team, and we are tasked with filling the team with various assets that allow us to win a championship. AKA a golden retirement.