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A collection of the best articles we’ve featured on Budgeting.

The 1% Rule for Spending on Luxury
Dror and Jesse  |  Physician on Fire

The 1% Rule acts as a “safe equilibrium” of sorts. It allows your fun money to grow as your net worth grows but places a ‘brake’ on your budget to prevent you from overspending.

Why “Can I Afford It?” is a Terrible Filter
Joshua Becker  |  Becoming Minimalist

We often find ourselves debating a purchase because we’ve considered what benefit the purchase will bring into our lives. But rarely do we take the time to honestly evaluate what benefits might arise if we said no.

A Super-Simple System to Minimize Impulse Spending
Mrs. FCB  |  Financial Chain Breakers

I’m not on board with trying to suppress all of my desires or pretend I don’t care about the things I care about… There is nothing — nothing — that I tell myself I can’t ever have.

6 Pieces of Money Advice You Can Ignore
Tim Jordan  |  Atypical Finance

Times change. The same advice that may have worked long ago might not work today. Even some modern money advice is bad on arrival. Here are six pieces of money advice that you can ignore.

Choose Your Financial Vice
Alyssa Davies  |  Mixed Up Money

You need to give yourself the freedom to choose which parts of your variable expenses are most important to you… Financial vices are only vices if you don’t prepare for them.

Focused Frugal February
Emily  |  Firebird Finance

Pick one line item on your budget and spend the whole month focusing on it. Whatever your worst category of spending is, I recommend starting there. This could be your grocery bill, clothing, restaurants or something completely different…