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A collection of the best articles we’ve featured on Charity.

Giving Rather Than Giving Up This Lent
Katie  |  The Twenty Percent

For every day of Lent (40 days in total) I’m going to put aside an item that my local food bank needs. After Easter, I will donate the contents of the box to my local food bank.

Our FIRE Based Charity Fund
Jenni & Chris  |  TicTocLife

What if, instead of a lump sum donation, we invested the sum in low-cost index funds and donated 4% of the fund’s value annually? Couldn’t we do this, potentially, into perpetuity?

How To Say No to Money Requests (Nicely)
Christine Luken  |

Sometimes you really want to say YES to someone’s money request. The Abundance Fund ensures you’re doing it in such a way that you won’t damage your own financial wellbeing.