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A collection of the best articles we’ve featured on Cryptocurrency.

The Golden Age of Fraud is Upon Us
Ben Carlson  |  A Wealth of Common Sense

The more successful you become when it comes to your career or your finances, the more overconfident you become in your own abilities as an investor and let your guard down.

I Invested In Crypto Instead of The Work Lottery Pool
FrankOnFIRE  |  Frank on FIRE

Before this week I have never considered investing in cryptocurrency. However, the numbers made me realise that investing in crypto has a far better chance of me coming out with anything then joining a lotto pool.

WTF Is an NFT?
Jesse Cramer  |  Budgets Are Sexy

NFTs have been referred to as “digital Beanie Babies.” There is no intrinsic value to the layperson, and the market appears to be built upon an unstable foundation of greater fools. But perhaps there are some positive cases for them.

Investing vs Speculating (and How to Tell the Difference)
Dave  |  Strong Money Australia

Introducing: FIREcoin. The #1 digital currency for the FIRE community to reach and sustain their financial independence! Why invest in boring old index funds when you can just buy some FIREcoin?

Bitcoin’s Dirty Secret
Jody Chudley  |  Wealthy Retirement

There are 195 countries in the world. Mining Bitcoin already consumes more energy than 160 of them do separately. Currently, Bitcoin mining consumes more energy in a year than entire countries like Switzerland and Argentina.

Reverse Wealth Transfer on Steroids
Joshua M. Brown  |  The Reformed Broker

I don’t want to sell you crypto art or coins or SPAC shares or baseball cards or get you to trade options against me in a private chat room or any of that sh*t. I just want you to win.