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A collection of the best articles we’ve featured on Debt.

The Magic of a One-Time Partial Mortgage Payment
Accidentally Retired  |  Accidentally Retired

Should you pay down your mortgage and live debt free or invest? There is an even better option with a one-time partial payment.

The Debt Reduction Spreadsheet 2021
Kerry K. Taylor  |  Squawkfox

I have two free debt reduction spreadsheets, and both are easy to use. There’s the new one for 2021 with graphs, and there’s the original version. Both calculate your numbers and give you the big picture.

10 Great Money Choices for Every Stage of Life
Kitty  |  Bitches Get Riches

I wish someone had sat me down and compassionately explained that I didn’t have to do everything all at once. And just like in eighth grade math, there’s a right order of operations to everything.

The Only Way to Pay Off Debt is to Pay Off Debt
Jay Rigler  |  Practically Independent

There are no shortcuts, no secret handshakes, no hidden menus, and no warp zones. Every single dollar you borrow will have to be paid back someday.

After Being Poor, Your Financial Anxiety Remains
Darcy  |  We Want Guac

Stress and poverty go together like flies and manure. And it’s no secret both play some very concerning games with your brain. There’s a PTSD that comes from being poor.

Debt Payoff At Your Own Pace
S  |  Financial Superstar

Our progress feels awfully slow at times. This used to annoy me, but I’ve become more comfortable with our long-term debt payoff journey. I’ve realized that it is truly possible to live – really live – with debt.