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Estate Planning

A collection of the best articles we’ve featured on Estate Planning.

4 Famous Wills in History (And What They Can Teach Canadians About Estate Planning)
Erin Bury  |  Boomer And Echo

We tour you through dogs who inherited millions, a will that inspired women in Toronto to have as many babies as they could, and why one Canadian wrote their will while eating a Big Mac.

Upstream Gifting and Gains
David Graham, MD  |  FI Physician

These maneuvers don’t take a ton of time and can save thousands of dollars in capital gains taxes. Not a bad return on investment as every dollar the government doesn’t get is another one to spend or give away.

Why I Added My Pets to My Will
Sandra MacGregor  |  Young and Thrifty

As I hurtled to what I thought would be my death, it was not my sister, brother or even long-lost lovers I thought of, but rather my cats—all three of them. Who would take care of them if I died?

Acts of Love: Where Is Your Money?
Alacias Enger  |  Sense with Cents

I of all people enjoy the game of money, and that’s a beautiful thing. But let’s not forget, our money is here to support our life experiences, and those life experiences are meant to support our relationships.

Why I Did My Own Death Cleaning at 39
Emily McDermott  |  No Sidebar

Death cleaning goes a step beyond decluttering in that once you decide the things that you want to keep, you provide guidance to your loved ones as to what to do with those items after you die.

The Joy of a Legacy Letter
Kathleen M. Rehl  |  Humble Dollar

A couple of times a year, I reread Mom’s legacy letter, written 14 years ago. Her wisdom and advice still speak to me today. How many times do you think I have revisited my mother’s legal will? Never.