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A collection of the best articles we’ve featured on General Finance.

Evidence-Based Doomsday Prepping and Personal Finance
Jonathan Ping  |  My Money Blog

Plenty of excited newcomers begin by shopping for ballistic vests and night vision goggles; they would be better served by grabbing a fire extinguisher, some bottled water, and then putting the rest of their money in a rainy-day fund.

Internalized Sexism & Women’s Finances: How Misogyny Messes With My Money
Elyssa Kirkham  |  Brave Saver

What is this internal force pushing women to conform to, rebel against, or consider gender norms at all when we decide how to live our lives? Or when we’re making career moves, financial decisions, or managing our money day-to-day?

Money = Stored Energy
The Investor  |  Monevator

I think of money as stored energy. You work, beg, borrow, steal, or otherwise obtain money. You put it aside – store it. Later you discharge the power and make something happen.

5 Things Gamers Can Learn From the Personal Finance Communities
AMM  |  averagemoneyman

Video games are one of those things that quickly become considerably cheaper from the moment they’re released. I can’t think of any consumer item that experiences quite the dramatic drop other than maybe brand new cars.

The Shocking Truth About Financial Literacy
The Money Monks  |  The Money Monks

Whether it is your breakfast, entertainment, job, lifestyle, clothes, hobbies, home, no matter wherever you go or whatever you do, money is a constant part of your life, you cannot escape it.

Start Where You Are
J.D. Roth  |  Get Rich Slowly

I have to remind myself: It’s not a competition. I ought not compare myself to others — or to my past self. My sole goal should be a better person tomorrow than I am today.