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Dollar Cost Averaging vs. Lump Sum: The Definitive Guide
Nick Maggiulli  |  Of Dollars And Data

It is almost always better to invest it now, even on a risk-adjusted basis. This is true across asset classes, time periods, and nearly all valuation regimes. Generally, the longer you wait to deploy your capital, the worst off you…

BRRRR Basics
Tyler Weaver  |  Relentless Finances

BRRRR is probably my favorite real estate strategy. It has allowed me to recycle my capital, and even grow it while investing in rental properties.

How To Create Your Own “Investment Policy Statement” (IPS)
Art  |  Flexcents

Here is the IPS that my wife and I have developed to help us achieve our financial goals. Committing our plan to paper has simplified our financial plan and has been a resource for us to refer to and build…

The Complete Guide to Withdrawing Funds Early From Your 401(k), IRA and Roth IRA
Adam  |  Minafi

Whatever you approach to retirement is, one part is clear: taxes and early withdrawal penalties can make or break your plan. Take the time to craft a plan that minimizing taxes and maximizes your chance of success!