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A collection of the best articles we’ve featured on Investing.

10 Reasons Owning a Laundromat is “The Best Investment You Can Make”
Nick Loper  |  Side Hustle Nation

Jordan is a former pastor turned laundromat mogul… He wanted a business that would generate passive income — and yield better returns than real estate.

There Are No Called Strikes in This Business
Leif  |  Physician on Fire

Just because you don’t swing the first time, the third time, or the 10,003rd time you’re given the opportunity does not mean it’s too late!

$300k is Halfway to a Million
John  |  Live Off Dividends

$100,000 requires 25% of the total time that it takes to get to $1,000,000. And $300,000 requires 50% of the total time that it takes to get to $1,000,000. How is this possible? Compound interest!

Dollar Cost Averaging vs. Lump Sum: The Definitive Guide
Nick Maggiulli  |  Of Dollars And Data

It is almost always better to invest it now, even on a risk-adjusted basis. This is true across asset classes, time periods, and nearly all valuation regimes. Generally, the longer you wait to deploy your capital, the worst off you…

Riding The Wealth Elevator
Mr. Tako  |  Mr. Tako Escapes

Investor sentiment can change dramatically over the course of a stocks life. Investors should know that buying stocks is more than a simple calculation of “buying low” and “selling high”.

In Defense of Bonds
Jim Dahle  |  White Coat Investor

To ignore this important asset class completely is a mistake, in my opinion, for many reasons that should at least be understood before someone decides on a 100% stock portfolio for the long run.