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A collection of the best articles we’ve featured on Lifestyle Design.

The Relationship Between Money and Happiness
Jacob Schroeder  |  Incognito Money Scribe

If all the hustling and life hacking and goal crushing isn’t providing you greater access to real sources of happiness, then you may be overvaluing money in your life…

The 3-2-1 Morning Routine For Better Productivity
Dave  |  Minimalism And Your Money

The 3-2-1 morning routine has significantly improved my life. I’m more focused and productive, and I’m thrilled by the feeling of accomplishment I get each morning as I start to complete my goals.

Building a Rich Life
ESI  |  ESI Money

The idea is to make sure your indulgences are part of a genuinely Rich Life, not merely a means to kill time. If all you’re doing in early retirement is killing time, what’s the point?

Disney FIRE
FI Guy  |  FI Heroes

After quitting our jobs and selling almost all of our possessions (including our house and one of our two cars) we moved over a thousand miles away to sunny Florida to live the Disney FIRE Lifestyle.

Early Retirement in The U.S. vs Abroad
Pauline Paquin  |  Reach Financial Independence

We have no mortgage, we live on about $1,000 per month with a full time staff, two cars, a motor boat and a couple of trips abroad during the year.

The Create-to-Consume Ratio
Noel  |  Happily Disengaged

If consuming is done right, it’s like medicine for the mind. A glass of cool water on a hot day. We need consumption to relax our minds…