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So You Want to Be a Stay at Home Parent?

Maggie Banks  |  Women’s Personal Finance

It’s time to schedule a date night, grab some ice cream, and have some critical conversations before you dive into the life of a stay at home parent. 

The Ultimate Goal: Be a Time Millionaire

Matthew  |  Time Value Millionaire

A time millionaire is an individual who measures their wealth in terms of how much free time they have to do what they want.

How FIRE Changes Your Perception of Time

FIRECracker  |  Millennial Revolution

The best way to live a long life is through altering our perceptions of time. To stretch out the years with social satisfaction, lifelong learning, and memories that make us feel like we’ve lived multiple lifetimes.

2 Lessons From People Who Will Work Until They Die

Jesse Cramer  |  The Best Interest

In everything you do, ask: is this adding to my choices or reducing my choices?

10 Things I Do Daily That Make Me 1% Better

Samm  |  The Debtist

If I could make any club in the world, it would be called: 1% Better Every Day Club. For the past four years, I have been living under the mantra of making myself 1% better every day.

50 Micro-Actions to Help You Live More Sustainably

Viktoria  |  The Lifestyle Files

I call these micro-actions because they are truly simple. Everything great starts with one tiny step. But we must take that tiny step – no more excuses.