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Net Worth

A collection of the best articles we’ve featured on Net Worth.

The Next Millionaire Next Door
Jeff Anzalone  |  Debt-Free Doctor

For most Americans, one’s desire, discipline, and intellect are more important factors in accumulating wealth than earning a high income.

A False Sense of Purchasing Power
Joshua Becker  |  Becoming Minimalist

Our current financial system allows us to acquire credit based on income, rather than wealth. It grants purchasing power not based on what we’ve accumulated, but on what is expected to materialize.

Reflecting on Privilege and Perseverance
Justin Taylor  |  Saving Sherpa

Today I earn a solid six figures and am 80% of the way towards FI. A quick look at me today may make me seem unrelatable. But you might be surprised…

{ in·deed·a·bly }  |  { in·deed·a·bly }

After being so comically bad at predicting my own future, what makes me think the decumulation plans I put in place today for future me in 10, 20, and 30 years time will fare any better?

Are You Worth More Than You’ve Earned in Your Lifetime?
Joe Udo  |  Retire by 40

Have you ever wondered how much money you earned over the years? I was thinking about this and came up with a natural follow-up question. Are we worth more than what we earned?

Building Wealth is Like a Terrifying Airplane Ride ✈️
The Money Wizard  |  My Money Wizard

Just like a busy airport, most every takeoff is the same. A slow, frightening start, followed by a weightless liftoff that propels you to wealth.