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A collection of the best articles we’ve featured on Real Estate.

The Pros and Cons of Real Estate Syndication
Joel  |  Budgets Are Sexy

A syndication is a fancy name for a partnership. It’s when a group of investors bundle their money and resources together to invest in a real estate project — typically something larger than anyone could tackle on her own.

Thoughts on Becoming a Millionaire at 35
Danny Lee  |  Live FrugaLee

My net worth was negative in 2007 when I graduated from college with about $26,000 in student loans and a $12,000 financed new car. It took 14 years to get to $1M. This was a long, long journey.

How I Make $10,000/mo Investing in Mobile Homes
Nick Loper  |  Side Hustle Nation

The cash flow strategy is similar to investing in single-family homes. You’re looking to buy a mobile home, get a tenant in, and operate on a positive cash flow. The main difference is that mobile homes cost a lot less.

You’re Never Too Old to Become a Real Estate Investor
Dr. Cory S. Fawcett  |  Financial Success MD

People mistakenly think it takes a long time to make a profit but that is not the case. Cash starts flowing in immediately and those earnings grow every year.

How Owning Assets is Better Than a Job
Steve Cummings  |  The Frugal Expat

The more you own the less you have to work at your job. That is the name of the game. Work less and get paid more.

BRRRR Basics
Tyler Weaver  |  Relentless Finances

BRRRR is probably my favorite real estate strategy. It has allowed me to recycle my capital, and even grow it while investing in rental properties.