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A collection of the best articles we’ve featured on Resources.

The Debt Reduction Spreadsheet 2021
Kerry K. Taylor  |  Squawkfox

I have two free debt reduction spreadsheets, and both are easy to use. There’s the new one for 2021 with graphs, and there’s the original version. Both calculate your numbers and give you the big picture.

How to Track, Graph, and Improve Your Happiness
Accidentally Retired  |  Accidentally Retired

Happiness is a choice. You have to choose to do the things that make you happy. You have to choose to be the person that you want to be. You have to manage your expectations.

How Frugal Are You? (A Checklist)
FrankOnFIRE  |  Frank on FIRE

I always believe there is room for improvement so I audited our household against 70 tips to cut expenses, save money and live a thrifty life… I’ve created a free printable for you to try it for yourself.

FIRE Dating: The Way To Find Your Financially Savvy Partner?
Kathrin Spinnler  |  A Chat With Kat

With the website ‘FIRE Dating’, you can find like-minded people to speak to, both for friendship and love… I’ve been a member for a few months and it’s always a thrill to receive a FIRE Dating message in my inbox.

How To Create Your Own “Investment Policy Statement” (IPS)
Art  |  Flexcents

Here is the IPS that my wife and I have developed to help us achieve our financial goals. Committing our plan to paper has simplified our financial plan and has been a resource for us to refer to and build…

90+ African American Personal Finance Bloggers
Jason Butler  |  My Money Chronicles

According to RT, the median African American’s net worth is $7,000, compared to white households at $111,000. Man, we have some work to do.