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A collection of the best articles we’ve featured on Retirement.

Die With Zero: 9 Minute Book Summary
Jeff Anzalone  |  Debt-Free Doctor

I have to say this is one of the few books I’ve read that have made me pause and rethink my view about money and life. Here’s what I learned…

How Often Should You Withdraw From Your Portfolio in Retirement? (Simulations)
Mr. The Poor Swiss  |  The Poor Swiss

There are basically two main strategies for withdrawing: #1. Sell enough shares at the beginning of the year to cover your expenses. #2. Sell enough shares at the beginning of each month to pay for your expenses. Which is better?

Ergodicity: The Coolest Idea You’ve Never Heard of
Jesse Cramer  |  The Best Interest

Ergodicity is a fun concept. Or at least fun for nerds like me. It’s a terrific way to consider risk. It helps us in behavioral economics, personal finance, and real retirement planning.

Inspirational Money Wins at Age 40+
Jackie Beck  |

Ranging in age from 40 to 63, these Gen Xers and Boomers took charge of their money and changed the course of their financial lives.

Do We Need to Retire, or Just Slow Down?
Cubert  |  Abandoned Cubicle

In The Blue Zones, author Dan Buettner set out to find places in the world where people live independently and contentedly into their 90s (or even 100s). They do so at significantly higher rates than folks do in the industrialized…

7 Financial Numbers You Should Know
Jim Dahle  |  White Coat Investor

The rule of 72 is a quick and easy way to tell how long it will take your money to double (in nominal terms) at a given rate of return. It demonstrates the power of compound interest.