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A collection of the best articles we’ve featured on Saving.

Spend One, Save One

The Mistress  |  Mistress of Home and Finance

In short, it’s where you save half of what’s left after you cover mandatory expenses. The rest you can spend freely. The goal is not early retirement, but instead to be more free to handle emergencies.

A Satisfying Way to Save Money

Mrs. Moneyaire  |  The Moneyaires

What I find difficult to do is “deprive” myself of buying something without getting something in return. This little trick of sending the money I saved over to my brokerage account makes it feel like a reward.

9 Tips From The Tightwad Gazette Book That Will Change Your Life

Emma  |  Tuppennys Fireplace

The Complete Tightwad Gazette by Amy Dacyczyn changed my life 15 years ago and I have never forgotten it. The book is a reference tool for those who want to save money and live life on their own terms.

Achieving FI Through Savings, Real Estate, and Index Funds with the Legendary JL Collins

Craig Curelop & Zeona McIntyre  |  The FI Team

JL explains the concept of “F-You money”, the virtuous circle that occurs when people go down the path to FI, and how he achieved FI as an active investor who later went passive.

I Bonds Are My Bonds

Steve Ark  |  Slightly Early Retirement

You’ll be hard pressed to find any other zero risk savings account or CD that pays even close to this much right now (7.12%).

How I Prioritize The Top 7 Stocking Stuffers of My Savings

H.M.  |  Homo Money

You’re probably making a list and checking it twice for everyone else, but are you doing the same for yourself? Here are 7 ways I “put the oxygen mask on myself first” before getting swept away with holiday spending.