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A collection of the best articles we’ve featured on Spending.

It’s Revenge Spend Time!
Sam Dogen  |  Financial Samurai

If we can’t spend money during bad times to make our lives better and we can’t spend money once the bad times are over, then when can we ever spend money?

The Financial Lessons of Coffee
Mrs. FCB  |  Financial Chain Breakers

Time for some personal finance 101. Through the lens of the humble cup of coffee.

Spend Money, Save the World
Lisa  |  A Lawyer and Her Money

If someone were to look at your bank accounts and your lifestyle, what kind of picture would emerge?

Bimodal Spending: “Hell Yes!” or “No”
Jesse Cramer  |  The Best Interest

I don’t want to spend money (a.k.a. my time) on average stuff. I’ll pay for the necessities. And after that, I want my spending to make me say, “Hell yes!”

All The Money I Wasted Trying To Impress Dudes Who Didn’t Want To Date Me
Holly Trantham  |  The Financial Diet

Even if I didn’t consciously know it at the time, all of these decisions were about impressing dudes. And, as it goes, I can place a monetary value on nearly all of these choices.

What Type of FIRE are You? [Quiz]
Melanie Allen  |  Partners In FIRE

This post is a fun way to get you thinking about the type of life you want, whether you’re on the path for financial freedom or haven’t even considered it yet.