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You Exist; Therefore, You’re Awesome.
S  |  Financial Superstar

There is literally no action you need to take to prove your worthiness. Regardless of your savings, your debt, the bills paid or unpaid – your financial situation is in no way a reflection of your true worth.

Red Flags of Spousal Financial Abuse
Melissa Batai  |  DINKS Finance

According to the National Network to End Domestic Violence, “Financial abuse happens in 99% of domestic violence cases.” Knowing the red flags of spousal financial abuse can help you recognize if it’s happening in your relationship.

10 Reasons Owning a Laundromat is “The Best Investment You Can Make”
Nick Loper  |  Side Hustle Nation

Jordan is a former pastor turned laundromat mogul… He wanted a business that would generate passive income — and yield better returns than real estate.

Your Hourly Wage on Steroids
Steve Ark  |

9 to 5 employees often have no idea how much money their employers are spending behind the scenes in ways that directly benefit them.

How I Went Mining and Made My Wife’s Unique Engagement Ring
Joel  |  Budgets Are Sexy

The stone is a Yogo Sapphire. And the reason it’s weird-shaped is because I mined it with my bare hands! The setting and band are white gold with teeny tiny diamonds all around it. The all-in cost was $1,390.

Watching Others Move Forward When You’re Still Figuring Things Out
Kevin  |  Financial Panther

I’ve had a problem with chasing prestige for most of my life… for me, prestige felt like a trap. It put me into a job and career path that wasn’t a good fit for me.