Google (Nasdaq: GOOG) said that its friends at Sony (NYSE: SNE) are so excited about Google TV that they reduced the price of their Google TV devices by $200. But it's only for a few days. Is it enough?

Sony's Google TV devices weren't exactly cheap initially, but if you love technology, the TVs and the Blu-ray player begin to look interesting pricewise. There is a $200 discount until Nov. 29, which means a 24-inch TV will go for $600, a 32-inch for $800, a 40-inch for $900, and a 46-inch for $1200. The Blu-ray player is listed for $300.

You have to have a fetish for gadgets to consider these prices a good deal; otherwise you'll just buy a decent LED TV for another $200 less.

We can't help thinking that Sony isn't so excited about Google TV as worried about it. With virtually no unique Web entertainment content left, there isn't much incentive to pick one of these TVs up and pay extra. Sony still advertises the TV with the line "Television, meet Internet," which makes us wonder whether Sony has already given up hope: Few mainstream consumers are interested in the fact that these TVs connect to the Internet. They simply want the additional content that's interesting for consumption on a TV.

Is this just a Black Friday incentive? Could be, but if those TVs had been selling well, we doubt that Sony would drop its prices now.

On the same note, we also hear that you could get a buy-one-get-one-free deal for a Windows Phone. The deal is available at AT&T (NYSE: T) and applies to the HTC Surround, LG Quantum, and Samsung Focus. From Microsoft's (Nasdaq: MSFT) website: "To take advantage of this offer head down to your local AT&T retail store, sign up for a two-year contract and you and a friend will have a couple of the coolest phones of the season." Seriously? Since when is a phone that is given away for free cool?

Buy-one-get-one-free cell-phone promotions aren't unusual, and we've seen these deals also with rather popular phones such as the Galaxy S at T-Mobile. But it seems that Microsoft is dipping very early into some extra cash to fire up its Windows Phone 7 sales, which may be selling much better than previous phones with Windows OS installations, but still aren't exactly rivaling Android or Apple (Nasdaq: AAPL) iPhone sales.

Price drops are often designed to boost declining sales numbers, and we wonder whether that's the case for Google TV and Windows Phone 7.

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