How do I access The Motley Fool on voice-activated devices?

Stock research has never been easier. Where investors once had to look up tickers in their daily newspaper and use pencil and paper to calculate their returns, today it’s as simple as speaking your query to the nearest voice-activated device. Whether it’s Amazon Echo, Google Assistant, or the not-yet-released Microsoft […]

What is the Fool’s Eye on Investing?

From our earliest days, The Motley Fool has worked diligently as an advocate for the individual investor. A substantial part of our mission — to help the world invest … better — is making the case that you can successfully invest on your own, that you can beat the market and the […]

Where do I direct press inquiries?

To book an interview with a Motley Fool analyst or spokesperson, submit the form below: Here are a few examples of The Motley Fool in the media: “The Motley Fool has learned that giving staffers free rein over their schedules helps improve their productivity.” “The company decided to hire a […]

How do I update my payment information?

Hello, Fool! You’ve likely reached this page because you received a notification from us that your credit card has expired and your membership is set to lapse without further action on your part. Read on below to find out how to update your card and resume your membership! In order […]

What are the most common questions for new investors?

If you’re thinking about putting your money to work for you, you likely have some things you want to know before plunking down your dollars in the market. We asked new investor/intern Caroline Jennings to come up with the most common questions for new investors and spend some time chatting with […]

Am I too old to invest?

We received an inquiry on our Facebook page from a gentleman who wrote, “My wife and I are on a very tight budget. We have little or no extra money for long-term or short-term investments unless we give up or cut back on our charitable gifts. I will be 80 next […]

What is Motley Fool Pro?

Motley Fool Pro is a real-money portfolio tailored for seasoned, long-term investors. Pro launched in 2008 with $1 million of The Motley Fool’s real money, and it has more than tripled in size since. Pro buys all types of equities and employs ETFs, hedges, options, long and short stocks, and […]

How do I cancel my paid Motley Fool membership?

Our mission at The Motley Fool is to help the world invest better, so we’ll regret losing you as a member of our investing community. But we understand that not everyone wants to take a hands-on approach to controlling their financial future. To help you with your request to cancel […]

What happened to

Once upon a time, we had two versions of our website: a version formatted for desktop and another for mobile devices. As time went on, the web changed and people now expect sites to respond smartly depending on the device and screen size. As a result, we are no longer […]

How do I use The Motley Fool Boards?

The Fool Community Beginner’s Tutorial Introduction How does invitation-only posting work? What’s the difference between a chat room and a discussion board? How are the Fool’s discussion boards organized? How do I find conversations that might interest me? Reading: How to get around. What’s a Problem Post? Writing: Posting your […]

How do I find great stocks to buy?

Investing can be fun and rewarding, opening up a world of opportunities for you as a result of the life-changing wealth you’ve accumulated through shrewd decisions and savvy insights. Or it can be as productive as shoving 20-dollar bills into a blender set to mince. The difference is largely in the […]

What is Motley Fool Rule Your Retirement?

Motley Fool Rule Your Retirement is our service designed to educate you on all things retirement and guide you toward financial independence – whether you’re already in retirement or just planning ahead. Led by financial expert Robert Brokamp, the Rule Your Retirement team will give you information on retirement accounts, […]

What is Motley Fool Inside Value?

Motley Fool Inside Value is The Motley Fool’s value stock recommendation service. The Inside Value analysts, led by value investing expert Rich Greifner, are dedicated to helping you find attractively priced companies that have the potential to grow in value and provide investors with outstanding returns over the long haul. […]

What is Motley Fool Hidden Gems?

Motley Fool Hidden Gems is The Motley Fool’s small-cap stock recommendation service. The Hidden Gems team, led by financial experts Andy Cross and Seth Jayson, logs countless hours researching and crunching numbers before recommending a company to Hidden Gems members. They don’t chase hot stock tips or rely on fancy […]

What is Motley Fool Income Investor?

Motley Fool Income Investor is The Motley Fool’s dividend-paying stock recommendation service. The Income Investor team, led by financial expert James Early, is dedicated to helping you find high-yielding stocks that pay out steady dividends and have the potential for serious growth. “We want the very best dividend stocks — […]