Walking the Line

by Harry Jones

(February 18, 1999) -- Every spring I take a few days and walk my farm. I walk it up and down, every row of it, checking the ground for sinkholes, large animal burrows, busted irrigation, large stones (where do they come from?) or whatnot. It's a rare winter when I can do this in February, but this year I began two days ago. It makes me much more comfortable when the time comes to plow and plant, especially because I've hit holes in years past that could stop a tractor cold.

So, I walk up and down the fields, all the way out of sight of the house, and I take my time. I usually start at daybreak after breakfast and go until lunch (which I sometimes pack with me) and then into twilight. It's a good day's work. Nobody else would do it for me. Only I care enough about my property to know it so well.

The S&P rose 1.08% today.

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02/18/99 Close

Stock Change Close SPY +1 5/64 123.83
Day Month Year History Annualized HARRY +0.88% -3.07% -2.98% -2.98% -21.74% S&P: +1.08% -3.31% 0.65% 0.65% 5.44% NASDAQ: +0.52% -9.79% 3.09% 3.09% 28.07% Rec'd # Security In At Now Change 1/4/99 16 S&P Depos 127.63 123.83 -2.98% Rec'd # Security In At Value Change 1/4/99 16 S&P Depos 2042.00 1981.25 -$60.75 CASH $0.00 TOTAL $1981.25 Yesterday Today Change S&P Depos 122.75 123.83 SPY +1 5/64


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