Am I Real?

by Harry Jones

(March 4, 1999) -- Imagine being in a dark room writing notes that get handed out a slot in the door every night and are shared with people you've never met. How many people and where they come from you don't know. You just know that people always read what you write. How this came about for me is unusual. My sister gave me the Motley Fool You Have More Than You Think book last summer. Irv read it, too. Irv has a computer. Irv wrote a note to the folks there explaining our situation and they responded. This relationship was then set up.

I'm allowed to write anything I want. I've never known exactly what to write, but I write whatever is on my mind at the moment, or sometimes what happens that day. I've only forgotten to write twice in two months, but I've never seen where this goes. For me, it just goes to Irv's hands. He takes it from there.

Last night he told me that the big question is whether or not I'm real. We had a laugh. A farmer is already a mythical figure in the United States. I told Irv that I read in the paper that some pages on the Internet track turtles and elephants, but people can't imagine a farmer without a computer who writes for a financial company.

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