Harry: Above Average Investor

by Harry Jones

(March 10, 1999) -- Investing in the S&P 500 index in January was our first move into the stock market. I grew up thinking stocks were risky and didn't rise over time, except for a few of them, but instead fluctuated and would often go nowhere for decades. I don't have much interest in finance. The main thing that convinced me otherwise about the stock market was the stock graph in the book my sister gave me.

The book is OK (it's more basic than I think I need), but this one chart makes all the argument I needed. I pretty much stopped reading it after the chart. It shows the stock market from 1890 or so, I think. The line is steadily up, that's all, and at over 10% a year on average.

That beats the government bonds that I first starting getting in 1970 as gifts. They're 30-year bonds and end up paying, depending on when you get them, about 5% to 6% interest, I think. I told you, I'm not very interested in finance.

Seeing how Lucinda and I have about 20 years more to invest, at least, it made good sense to start putting the money into the higher paying vehicle. That's about where my interest stops.

Irv told me I should write a bit more about investing. So there you go.

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