Money (Trees)

by Harry Jones

(April 20, 1999) -- People always seem to want more money even when they don't know what to do with it, and even if they don't have any plans for it. I have friends who check their stocks and figure what they're worth every day (the stock market has been a big topic in town the past few years, it doing so well).

Say the market rises for a week. My friends are worth more than they ever were. But then one day it falls, so they're simply worth a little less than they just were the day or two before. They're still worth more than they were a week ago, a month ago, or especially a few years ago. Yet they're still a little unhappy about the decline.

I don't think checking these numbers more than a few times a year makes much sense. It takes time for things to grow. If you want to spend your life watching a tree grow, that's your choice. There is a balance, though. Trees are very nice to look at periodically. Today the S&P rose 1.29%.

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04/20/99 Close

Stock Change Close SPY +1 5/8 131.13
Day Month Year History HARRY +1.25% 2.14% 2.74% 2.74% S&P: +1.29% 1.54% 6.58% 6.26% NASDAQ: +2.73% -2.12% 9.89% 9.89% Rec'd # Security In At Now Change 1/4/99 16 S&P Depos 127.63 131.13 2.74% Rec'd # Security In At Value Change 1/4/99 16 S&P Depos 2042.00 2098.00 $56.00 CASH $0.00 TOTAL $2098.00 Yesterday Today Change S&P Depos 129.50 131.13 SPY +1 5/8


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