Tornado Season

by Harry Jones

(May 6, 1999) -- April and May are peak tornado season for the country and we've had a few warnings and watches here. Lucinda had a dream about flying away on the wind. We had dark thunderheads and strong winds for a few days, but below us was where all the dangerous weather happened. Tornadoes can be deadly, but at least like everything bad they are temporary. The goal is get through the bad periods with minimal damage so you can go on and prosper anyway. For tornadoes, at least you can get insurance

An Introduction to Index Fund Topics

by Jeff Fischer (TMFJeff)

I'm honored to share the same page with Harry Jones, even though I've not met the man behind the name. His style leaves little to be desired: to the point, confident, free of fluff. I can't pretend to offer as much, but along with Harry's insight (which is hard to match), we're going to offer a regular column focused on Index funds. This is what we thought Harry would do, and in a way he certainly does, but some Fools have said that they can use more direct information on the issue of index funds than Harry provides. So that brings us here.

Each week we'll discuss index fund issues: taxes, retirement plan options, the numerous index funds available to investors (some of which are quite highly charged!), as well as the AMEX market's index-tracking stocks, which include Harry's shares of SPY. We will attempt to be as concise as Harry. For now, it seems logical to point out that the Fool has another area in its Mutual Fund area solely about index funds. And although the Harry Jones message board is one of my favorites and I'd prefer that we keep discussion of Harry's columns and even index funds to his message board, there is also a very active Index fund-only message board on the Fool.

I think if I wrote any longer, Harry -- were he to read this -- would lose interest in my waste of words, so here we stop for today. Next week, we begin to dig deeper. Concisely. And who knows what Harry will be writing. Truly.

Fool on!

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