Spencer Knight

Spencer Knight


Spencer educates individuals and business owners about relatively simple, yet unfamiliar, tax management concepts. He provides fundamental and technical research on equities and investment planning advice and perspectives not seen within the industry.

Recent articles

Microsoft's New Innovation Is Worth Your Money

Microsoft may be presenting Office 365 for the iPad. This is a huge opportunity for Apple and Microsoft, as both are the bellwethers in the tech industry. Once their specialties are combined, it may be difficult for Android to compete.

LinkedIn: A Great Portfolio Choice

LinkedIn has slumped the last six months or so, but with new growth plans and a strong job market, LinkedIn will resume its run for many more years.

Cloud Storage: Not a Great Place to Store Your Money

As cloud computing and big data companies fight over supply, expenses are increasing and profit margins are decreasing. The industry has under-performed the broader index, but with research it is possible to find a good pick in this sector.