Renjit Ebroo

Renjit Ebroo


Renjit teaches about resilience and coaches entrepreneurs. He also writes about these, strategy and investing.

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Should You Buy Netflix?

The show “House of Cards” Season 2 made a lot of news. However, Comcast’s intention to merge with Time Warner Cable has cast a shadow on streaming services. Is Netflix worth it for investors?

Why You Should Watch Facebook Closely

Facebook made the headlines by announcing that it was buying WhatsApp in a deal worth about $19 billion. Might this be the beginning of a bull run on Facebook?

Could Microsoft Be Taking a Hit?

Microsoft is set to buy Nokia's mobile phone division. With Google set to sell the Motorola handset business, Microsoft’s deal with Nokia raises questions.

Intel: Is a Second Act Possible?

Intel competes in the enterprise and consumer segments, supplying microprocessors for computers. Personal computers show no sign of growth, and Intel does not occupy the same role in the fast-growing markets for mobile devices.