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WisePiggy.com offers free credit scores to consumers, advice on how to improve their scores, and product comparison to help them get the best offers to save them money.

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How to Avoid Credit Score and Credit Report Scams

Consumers' interest in their credit scores, and their credit in general, is yet another hook for those crooks looking to scam you. There are legitimate sites that offer your credit score for free and others that charge a fee that are not scams. It's seeing the difference between the real ones and the slimy ones that's key.

The Sad 6: States With the Worst Housing Markets

Although a significant portion of Americans have settled back into a thriving economy after the Great Recession, there are communities that continue to struggle. WisePiggy has determined which 6 U.S. states have a lingering, dismal housing market.

6 Steps to Restart the Refinancing Process

Mortgage experts say that depending on the reason for your denial, it might be in your best interest to dust yourself off and try again.

What Does Your Credit Report Say About You?

A WisePiggy.com poll found that many Americans, especially older ones, do little or nothing to protect their credit scores and reports. See why you should check your credit history.