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Selena Maranjian

Selena Maranjian


Selena Maranjian has been writing for the Fool since 1996 and covers basic investing and personal finance topics. She also prepares the Fool's syndicated newspaper column and has written or co-written a number of Fool books. For more financial and non-financial fare (as well as silly things), follow her on Twitter...

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You Won't Believe How This Secretary Became a Millionaire by Retirement

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5 Things You Can Do Right Now to Make Retirement Easier

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5 Money Lessons I Wish I'd Learned When I Was Younger

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5 Ways to Make Your Money Work for You

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9 Proven Ways to Boost Your Retirement Income

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These 5 Steps Will Help You Retire Early

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The Janitor Who Became A Multi-Millionaire by Retirement

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3 Reasons It's Dumb to Take Social Security Benefits at 62

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5 Ways to Avoid Financial Disaster

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3 Smart Social Security Moves You Can Make Right Now

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18 Ways to Reduce Your Taxes

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Social Security: A Comprehensive Guide

The more you know about Social Security retirement benefits, the more retirement income you may be able to collect from it.

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How to Get Out of Debt in 2020: 7 Strategies That Work

You can become debt-free, and here's how. Learn how to boost your credit score while paying down student loan debt, car loans, and high-interest-rate debts.