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Stumbling Over Deckers

Consumers still like Uggs, but will the company grow after they stop selling?

A Markdown at Whole Foods

Despite strong results, the grocery stock tumbles after missing by a mere penny.

Uggs: Pet Rocks or Barbie Dolls?

Deckers Outdoor's stock has rebounded strongly from 52-week lows. Is this temporary, or the result of a fundamental turnaround?

Make a Run for Deckers?

If Deckers' shares continue to plummet as they have in the past few months, they may make for an attractive value investment.

Distractions at Whole Foods

Though good numbers continue, recent announcements raise questions about driving long-term shareholder value.

Berkshire's a Bargain

Despite flat stock prices, Berkshire Hathaway's business has strengthened.

Turnaround at Wild Oats?

Management changes and positive financial results indicate that a turnaround may be under way at Wild Oats.

Why Value Trumps Growth

Growth vs. value: Salim Haji works it out and comes up with a definitive answer.

Stellar Quarter for Whole Foods

The company turned in another stellar quarter, highlighting the fundamental strength of the company's core business model.

Sluggish Retail Sales Cause Concern

Given the importance of consumer spending in driving the U.S. economy, November's disappointing retail sales are a cause for concern.

Gleaning Insights From Berkshire

Other than Comcast and ServiceMaster additions, it's been a quiet quarter of trading for this portfolio.

A Misguided Merger

Without clear strategic synergies, the recently announced merger between Sears and Kmart is likely to destroy shareholder value.

Target: Think Toys & Coffee

Target should give some thought to spending its $1.7 billion pile of cash in unique ways.

How Many Stocks Should You Own?

Diversification into stocks you don't fully understand could increase risk within your portfolio.