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Chuck Saletta

Chuck Saletta


Chuck Saletta is a Motley Fool contributor. His investing style has been inspired by Benjamin Graham's Value Investing strategy.

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Worried About a Stock Market Crash? 4 Ways to Be Ready

There's little you can do to avoid the market's next crash, but there's plenty you can do to prepare for it.

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4 Reasons You Shouldn't Invest Like Billionaires Do

Just because they've made billions doesn't mean their investing strategies are optimized for those of us with less.

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Can You Retire a Millionaire Using Only a 401(k)?

There's a straightforward path to get there, as long as the rest of your financial house is in order.

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How to Retire With $2 Million on an $80,000 Salary

With enough time and a decent plan, a nest egg of that size may well be within your reach.

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4 Reasons You Shouldn't Count on Social Security and 1 You Should

The foundation beneath this critical program is crumbling -- but not all hope is lost.

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How to Use the Discounted Cash Flow Model to Value Stocks

The discounted cash flow model is a time-tested approach to estimate a fair value for any stock investment. Here's a basic primer on how to use it.

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5 Reasons to Invest in Dividend-Paying Stocks in Retirement

Even once you retire, you still need cold, hard cash to pay your bills.

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4 Signs You're Ready for That First Social Security Check

It's a big decision, but one you can make if you keep these four signs in mind.

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4 Ways a Roth IRA Is Icing on the Retirement Cake

Smart use of your Roth IRA can make your retirement all that much sweeter, financially speaking.

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Why Omega Healthcare Investors is a Retiree's Dream Stock

Demographic trends and corporate structure add up to a business with the potential to reward its investors over time.

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3 Stocks for the Next Bear Market

A roaring bear market just might be your best chance to buy strong businesses at cheap prices.

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3 Stocks I Will "Never" Sell

If you really want to be a long term investor, you need to look for companies that have a good shot of surviving well into the future.

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May the Fourth Be When You Claim Your Millionaire Retirement

Take advantage of Star Wars Day to put the Force of Compounding to work for you.

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Can You Get Rich Selling Time?

As tempting as it may look on the surface, selling options to capture time value does not hand you free money.

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3 ETFs Perfect to Grow Your IRA

Finding a low-cost, decent strategy that you can stick with for the long haul is a great recipe for long-term investing success.

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3 Income Stocks Perfect for Retirees

It takes more than just a good current yield for a dividend paying stock to be worth owning during retirement.

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Stop Trying to Get Rich Quick and Update Your Investing Strategy Instead

Successful investing takes time-and a decent plan.

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3 Stocks for Beginning Investors

Investing doesn't have to be complicated.

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If You Like Dividends, You Should Love These 3 Stocks

They offer decent yields and have recently increased their payouts.

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Should Investors Be Stashing Cash Right Now?

If you're nervous, it's probably a sign you need to look at what you've got vs. what you need.