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Nicholas Rossolillo

Nicholas Rossolillo


Nicholas has been a writer for the Motley Fool since 2015, covering companies primarily in the consumer goods and technology sectors. He is also the founder and president of Concinnus Financial, a Registered Investment Advisor based in Spokane, WA. He enjoys the outdoors up and down the West Coast with his wife and their Humane Society-rescued dog.

Recent articles

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Don't Worry About Target's $4 Billion Annual Shopping Spree

After an incredible year of growth during the pandemic, Target is doubling down on what's been working.


Tech Stocks Soared During Lockdowns: These 3 Can Keep Rising After the Economy Reopens

The ongoing tech sector rout on Wall Street is giving investors some great buying opportunities.


3 Top Artificial Intelligence Stocks to Buy in March

AI is already a bigger part of everyday life than many realize.

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Splunk Stock Is a Bargain After Fourth-Quarter Earnings

Shares of the leading data analysis platform have taken a beating, but the growth story is far from over.

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1 Question I Have for Lemonade

It's not a question that can be answered quickly, but rather will require patience for an answer over the next decade and beyond.

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My Top Tech IPO to Buy in March

From the 2020 IPO class, Unity Software has the ability to disrupt the status quo like no other.

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Is Salesforce a Buy After the Tech Stock Sell-Off?

After its Q4 update, Salesforce remains a great long-term buy in the SaaS space.

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Why Anaplan's Recent Slide Is a Buying Opportunity

Shares of the SaaS company are a great long-term value for investors after its fiscal fourth-quarter update.


Why Universal Display Is a Buy After the Tech Stock Pullback

After its recent 20% price pullback, this is a great long-term value on a highly profitable company.

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It's Time to Stop Calling Etsy a "Pandemic Stock"

Etsy is a best-in-class e-commerce business. Period.


Google Follows Apple Down the Path to Greater Online Privacy

The sultan of search will stop tracking users' internet activity using cookies.


Cryptocurrency, Autonomous Vehicles, and Energy Efficiency Are Key to NVIDIA's Growth

NVIDIA is becoming a central part of several tech developments.

Real Estate

STORE Capital Remains a Solid Bet on a Reopening Economy

Real estate has been battered, but this remains an underrated and misunderstood company.


Why I Sold Verizon and Replaced It With IBM

If you like dividends but also want some business growth potential, IBM is well worth your attention.

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3 Top Buys After the Recent Tech Stock "Crash"

The economy is changing, and these stocks are still a buy after their recent pullbacks.


This Play on the Reopening Economy Is Already Quietly Crushing Market Returns

Texas Roadhouse is outperforming its peers in the restaurant industry and has beaten the stock market over the last year.

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Over 11 Million Discovery+ Subscribers Gives Reason for Discovery Shareholder Cheer

Just a few months since its U.S. launch, the reality and non-fiction TV streamer is doing well.

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Does Square Belong in Your Portfolio?

It's a play on the reopening economy, it's a fintech firm, it's Square!

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Why This Growth Stock Is One of the Best Ways to Invest in the Future of Data Centers

After a two-year slumber, Arista Networks is waking up and ready to go on a tear.

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Why Magnite Is a Top Play on TV Streaming

A new dynamic trio is emerging as the dominant players in video advertising, and it includes Magnite.