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Jeremy Bowman

Jeremy Bowman


Fool since 2011. I write about consumer goods, the big picture, and whatever else piques my interest. Follow me on Twitter to see my latest articles, and for commentary on hot topics in retail and the broad market.

Recent articles

slide 6 - hourglass running out of time - source getty

Why Patience Is Crucial in Long-Term Investing

Great investors know that time is their friend.

concluding slide - digital light bulb - source getty

Passion Is a Key Differentiator in Business Leadership. Here's Why.

So many success stories start with passion.


Why Meta Platforms Stock Was Sliding Today

A broader tech sell-off pushed shares of the social media giant lower.

vertical farm

Why This CEO Is So Excited About the Future of Food Technology

The CEO of KBW Ventures is betting big on cellular agriculture.

produce section - grocery store supermarket

Why United Natural Foods Stock Fell This Week

Rising interest rates seem to be squeezing the stock.

alibaba office

Why Alibaba Stock Was Gaining Today

Shares of the tech giant gained amid a broader rotation.

slide 2 - bad, down stock chart - source getty

Nasdaq Correction: 3 Things to Do Now

The tech-centric index is down 10% from its recent high. Here's what it means.

Slide 3 - EHang drone - source getty

This Start-Up Could Be the Future of Drone Delivery

Zipline is delivering medical supplies in less than 30 minutes.

slide 7 - e-commerce shopping - source getty

Brick and Mortar vs. E-Commerce: Which Retailers Are Thriving Now?

E-commerce has surged during the pandemic, but there are also brick-and-mortar retailers benefiting from the trend.

concluding slide - cash pile - source getty

How One Venture Capitalist Thinks About Capital Allocation

Winners will almost always make up for your losers in the long run.

beyond meat - vegan burger

Why Beyond Meat Stock Was Down Today

Increasing short bets are spooking investors.

slide 5 - bed bath and beyond - source getty

Why Bed Bath & Beyond Stock Jumped This Week

A round of insider buying helped lift the stock.

digital coins

Can's Token Reach $1?

The altcoin surged last year. Is a repeat in the mix for 2022?

Dogs - pets - english beagle

Why Zoetis Stock Gained 47% in 2021

The animal health company delivered strong results over the year.

wrestling wwe

Why World Wrestling Entertainment Stock Ticked Up 3% in 2021

It was an up-and-down year for the entertainment company.

JD Autonomous vehicle with courier

Why Stock Was Climbing Today

An analyst upgrade was one of a few items to boost the stock today.

stock chart going up

These Were 4 of the Top Cryptocurrencies of 2021

Can they repeat the feat in 2022?

intro slide - freelance job hiring

Why Upwork Stock Finished 2021 Down 1%

Though it was outpacing the S&P 500 for most of the year, a late crash spoiled the party.

children's apparel retail

Why Children's Place Stock Jumped 58% Last Year

Several strong earnings reports propelled the stock higher in 2021.

woman investor office environment

Why Franklin Covey Stock Was Climbing Today

Shares of the consulting firm jumped on a strong earnings report.