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Gerelyn Terzo


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Does P&G Present a Buying Opportunity?

With shares down about 6% since November, should investors consider this a buying opportunity or take it as a sign to stay away?

Kroger Is Outshining a Key Rival

With shares up 26% year to date, Kroger shares seem to have more room to run. Maybe Whole Foods should take a page out of Kroger's playbook.

Should You Hop Into Annie's?

Consumption trends are strong but the hits just keep on coming for Annie's. What's an investor to do?

Xerox Hits a Snag With Government Health Care

Xerox just got dealt a blow regarding a lucrative government health-care contract. What will this mean for the company's performance going forward and its role in public-sector health care?

The Next Silicon Valley?

Silicon Valley wasn't always the hotbed for VC investment that it is today. Now the Midwest is vying for that same funding.

Don't Bet on Aramark...At Least Not Yet

Food services and uniform company Aramark recently debuted on the NYSE, but will its debt load prevent it from attaining its true growth potential?