Bill Shamblin

Bill Shamblin


Market analyst, economist, stat geek, and comedy writer. My goal at The Fool? Tell the story behind the numbers. I've developed competitive analysis for Fortune 500 companies, managed an econometric model of US price and wage indices, and written comedy for syndicated radio programs. BA economics/computer science, University of Maryland. MBA Georgia Institute of Technology. Follow me at: @bshammy

Recent articles

Apple's Spotlight: Jumping Ahead of Google in Search

Has Apple finally figured out search? With the redesign of Apple's Spotlight app, Cupertino has devised a way to "skim" search business from Google, while at the same time leaving the Mountain View search behemoth in the Safari search bar. Investors need to understand Cupertino's brilliant strategy.

Large Screen Smartphones: How Samsung Blew It

Large-screen smartphones have become an important segment in the mobile category. But despite Samsung's dominance, it appears its large-display strategy is weakening its high-end mobile business. In the mean time, both Apple and Microsoft appear poised to take advantage of Samsung's mistakes.

Apple and Beats: It's About Your Car

Tapping into the huge search and ad revenue opportunities of the mobile-connected “smart-car” could be the next big thing in mobile. Apple’s anticipated purchase of Beats is the company's move to make sure the company is ready.

Android Is Like Windows and That's Good News for Microsoft and Apple

Microsoft Windows helped to kill Dell. Since all PC OEMs used Windows, the key point of competition became price. Apple maintained pricing power because it could differentiate the Mac. Android smartphone price wars have begun to break out. Android's "race to the bottom" may be the chance Microsoft needs to carve out a profitable niche for Windows 8.

Apple Inc's Risky Product Cycle

The expected launch of the iPhone 6 and the iWatch gives Apple investors plenty to be excited about. However, the recent performance of Apple's supply chain in the holiday quarter indicate that it might not be smooth sailing for the company's stock price in the first quarter of 2015.

Here's the Reason Apple Inc. Will Charge More for the iPhone 6

The iPhone 5c showed Apple that a larger-than-expected percentage of Apple customers are willing to pay a higher price for premium features. Based on the iPhone 5c experience, Apple is likely confident it can price the iPhone 6 at $299.

Is Android's KitKat Good News for Apple Inc?

Android KitKat has been streamlined to increase the appeal of Android in emerging markets. But, will Google's new Android strategy let Apple capture a larger share of the premium-priced smartphone market?

Is Microsoft Helping to Sell iPads to Businesses?

Microsoft Office is the dominant productivity software in enterprise, and the iPad, the dominant tablet. Redmond's decision to provide Office apps for the iPad have just cemented the hold that Office and the iPad have in business.