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Harsh Weather Slows Rail Traffic and Economy

Railroads are an excellent barometer of the health of the economy and so far in 2014 rail traffic is pointing to a slowdown in the first-quarter economy in North America.

Is There An Opportunity in PepsiCo?

Disgruntled investors have been selling PepsiCo's shares, driving the stock down 4% since the company announced earnings. At what price is this stock a buy?

How to Buy Stocks in a Bear Market

Using a modified dollar-cost-averaging technique, investors can selectively and incrementally buy stocks in a falling market to reduce risk.

This Company Will Make a Killing in 2014

Hershey is the leading chocolate company in North America, but it's committed to spreading its iconic brand globally, particularly in Asia.

Railroads Lay Track for Oil, Freight & Profit

As railroads spend billions to move larger volumes of oil and freight, smart investors should look for rail companies that earn the fattest returns on their capital investments.

Cut Investment Risk: Stay Away From Gold

The price of gold is down 22% this year. If the U.S. economy continues to grow and inflation remains tame, gold prices may remain flat for a while.

Is It Too Late to Invest in Railroads?

If the economy continues to chug ahead, even at low growth rates, rail traffic will rise, resulting in higher earnings for railroads.

Bond investors: Consumer Stocks Yield 2.5%

Consumer stocks are up 20% this year, yet investors can still earn 2.5% dividend yield from stocks that sell dish soap, dog food and baking soda.

Pizza Stores Copy Chipotle Mexican Grill

Chipotle's create-your-own burrito concept is so wildly popular that pizza companies are using the concept to cater to customers who like to build their own pizza.

Tobacco Dividends Plentiful and Reliable

Tobacco stocks have a history of providing steady dividends. Here are four tobacco companies with yields ranging from 4.6% to 9.3%.

eBay and Overstock Get Slammed, Is Amazon Next?

Stocks in Overstock.com and eBay fell this week after their third-quarter results failed to meet analysts' expectations, although both posted higher revenues and earnings from a year ago.

A Case for Hauling Canada's Coal

Asian manufacturers import metallurgical coal from western Canada to build cars and appliances. One way to profit from this trend is to own railroads and terminals that move coal.