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Can Netflix Walk This Slippery Slope?

Netflix currently has nearly 7.3 billion in off-balance sheet liabilities for coming content. Think any large company wants to inherit these added complications with a buyout? Odds are Netflix will have to do a large secondary offering, diluting current shareholders.

Microsoft’s Pricing Power Under Attack

For a decades Microsoft’s profit centers were surrounded by a giant impenetrable iceberg. As the competition heats up, cracks are starting in this wall of ice.

Duped By Earnings? Why Apple Fell

With Apple falling nearly 8% after releasing earnings, you'd imagine on the results must have been pretty bad, but with one quick glance at earnings per share figure (EPS) shows the company earned $14.50 a share versus $13.81 in the year ago period. What gives?

Google Dumps Motorola, Samsung Smiles

At the time of the acquisition, many analysts stated that the only reason Google was purchasing Motorola was for the company’s patents, to act as a so called nuclear deterrent against Apple

The Inevitables of Tech: Part I

Warren Buffett defined a breed of companies that he calls "The Inevitables." Companies such as Coca-Cola and Gillette might well be labeled "The Inevitables."

How Quickly Will Windows and Office Die?

Windows and Office represent a huge chunk of Microsoft’s profits. It won’t happen overnight, but if these cash cows were to be killed off, Microsoft’s stock would tank.

The Genius of Apple at Work

While some analysts will point to the fact that there is lackluster demand for 5C versus the 5S, and describe the 5C as a “flop.” Really? As a shareholder, consumers overwhelmingly demanding the higher priced product is a positive.

Who's the Best Pick for Microsoft's New CEO

Elop easily could have maintained the status quo, but instead took the ballsy move of aligning Nokia with Microsoft, as really the only Window's phone producer.

Evaluating Today's Microsoft

To be sure a 3.4% dividend, 12.6 P/E, and a hoard of cash (less the 7 billion recently paid for Nokia’s handset business) certainly look like a great deal.

Apple and the Smartphone Wars Today

Biometrics-based security, such as what’s contained in the iPhone 5s model, is a significant advancement. It does not have to be bulletproof to be highly effective in comparison to the inconvenient process of users having to create a password, keeping it secret.