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Liquefied Natural Gas Set to Transform Railroad Industry

As the shale boom is currently supplying North America with ample LNG, railroad companies are investigating the use of LNG locomotives to reduce costs, improve margins, and comply with stricter emission standards.

Why Wouldn't Drill-Quip Be a Takeover Target?

Drip-Quip is a small-cap company on the verge of producing excellent returns over the next couple of years. With external catalysts driving revenue and internal structure creating profitability why wouldn't Dril-Quip be a takeover candidate.

Is 2014 a Breakout Year for This Small-Cap Drilling Company?

With Trinidad Drilling's Management focusing on deep drilling, debt reduction and international revenues they have built a small-cap company on the verge of taking their business to the next level. Is 2014 the breakout year?

Exploring Opportunities in Offshore Norway

As capex in the Norwegian waters is expected to total $220 billion over the next five years, this will create significant opportunities for companies in this sector.