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Baidu Accelerates Its Self-Driving Car Initiative with New Test Center and Partnership

Big investments in autonomous-vehicle and AI technology could be the key to getting Baidu's growth back on track.


Zynga's Outlook Remains Promising Despite Mixed First Quarter

The video game company's recent acquisitions continue to pay off.


Why PagSeguro Digital Stock Jumped 31% Last Month

The fintech stock is still down roughly 18% year to date despite big gains in April and May.


Why Glu Mobile Stock Jumped 24% Last Month

The mobile-gaming company's stock is now up roughly 65% year to date.


Why Viacom CBS Stock Jumped 23.2% Last Month

The media stock is still down roughly 57% this year despite gains in April and May.


Why Himax Technologies Stock Jumped 31% Last Month

The display specialist's share price is up roughly 24% year to date, while the S&P 500 index's level has fallen roughly 9% across that stretch.


Why Stock Skyrocketed 72.2% Last Month

The fintech stock saw huge gains in April and went on to hit a lifetime high in May thanks to strong quarterly results.


Why GoPro Stock Skyrocketed 34.4% Last Month

The camera company is making moves to reduce expenses, but the business is facing big challenges.


Why CrowdStrike Stock Jumped 21.5% Last Month

The cybersecurity company is crushing the market in 2020 and is up roughly 55% year to date.


Why Target Stock Jumped 18% Last Month

The retail stock gained ground in April, but the market didn't seem to be impressed by its explosive digital sales growth.


Why iQiyi Stock Dipped 4.66% Last Month

Allegations of fraud sent the streaming company's stock lower in April.


Why HubSpot Stock Jumped 26.6% Last Month

The marketing company's share price is up roughly 16% year to date, while the S&P 500 level has slid approximately 9% so far in 2020.


Why Zuora Stock Jumped 31.3% Last Month

The subscription-focused fintech stock has climbed in April and May, but its share price is still down roughly 21% year to date.


Why MongoDB Stock Jumped 18.7% Last Month

The database-services stock is up more 30% year to date, while the S&P 500 index has dipped roughly 11%.


Why DouYu Stock Jumped 18.4% Last Month

Tencent boosted its stake in DouYu's biggest rival. Here's why that's a promising sign.

taco bell

Why Yum! Brands Stock Jumped 26.1% Last Month

Restaurant sales plunged in March, but they seem to have posted some recovery in April.

planet fitness gym

Why Planet Fitness Stock Jumped 23.9% in April

The gym chain's stock has fallen roughly 23% in 2020, while the S&P 500 index is down roughly 12% across the same stretch.


Why Jumia Technologies Stock Skyrocketed 50.3% in April

The Africa-focused e-commerce stock is still down roughly 42.6% in 2020 despite a big rally last month.


Why StoneCo Stock Jumped 21.2% in April

The Brazilian fintech company has plenty of growth potential, but investors should be prepared for a bumpy ride.


Why Workday Stock Jumped 18.2% in April

The enterprise software stock has fallen roughly 26% over the last year, while the S&P 500 index is down 3% over the same stretch.