Marcus Tisdale

Marcus Tisdale


I'm a blogger and expert on human behavior and social trends. I prefer fundamental analysis, long term thinking and common sense.

Recent articles

Peak Obesity and the Rise of Whole Foods

Though Whole Foods has grown over 425% in the last 5 years, its period of growth is not over. Here's why Whole Foods still represents a great investment opportunity.

Why Starbucks Could Double Again

Starbucks stock has doubled exactly 8 times over the course of its history, and given its sustained growth levels, it will probably do so again. Here's why.

Disney Is Poised to Make Some Huge Gains

Disney's stock will turn out to be the gift that keeps on giving over the next couple of years with multiple blowout movie franchises.

Electronic Arts: Get in the Game

Zynga, the now troubled social games company, once surpassed EA in market cap. Now EA is 4 times more valuable and producing hit blockbuster hit games.