Kirt Hill

Kirt Hill


Kirt enjoys sharing what he learns about where companies have been and where they might be going. He published devoted to socially responsible investing. Graduate of the University of Michigan.

Recent articles

Hydrogenics and a Hydrogen Economy

It has never been quite clear when the fuel cell future would arrive. The demand for renewable clean energy may be reaching a tipping point. Here is a company that might be ready to deliver on the promise of a fuel cell future and a hydrogen economy after all.

Diebold a "Safe" Investment?

One magical Christmas morning many years ago, Santa Claus brought me a little toy Diebold safe with a real lock and a secret combination. To this day, I like to check on Diebold from time to time. Through all the company's ups and downs, I smile when I think of my favorite little toy and the company I think of as a "safe" investment.