While it's natural to desire a job that you like and find fulfilling, there's also no ignoring money as a big motivating factor in our career choices. Though plenty of people sacrifice better pay to make a difference in professions such as teaching or social work, it's also common to weigh our aptitudes, and then set our sights on one of the jobs where our skills can earn us the best wages.

Ideally, your career will offer both fulfillment and a high salary -- but to achieve that, it helps to know what the best-paying jobs are. To give us some ideas on that score, the folks at Glassdoor have compiled their annual list of the ​25 Highest Paying Jobs in America. (Naturally, they exclude the C-suite jobs; those aren't exactly career options one can "choose.")

People cluster around a computer.

Technology jobs claimed 13 out of 25 spots. Image source: Getty Images.

Where the salaries are

What's clear from this list is that if you want to get paid, the technology sector your best bet: 13 jobs on it are in tech, up from 11 in 2017. Healthcare had the second most entries with five, down one from last year.

It's also important to recognize that just because a job makes the list one year, that doesn't mean it will be there forever. Eight new job titles including "Strategy Manager," "Cloud Engineer," and "Nurse Practitioner" earned spots on the 2018 list, which means that eight others fell off.

Rank Job Median Base Salary 
1 ​Physician  $195,842
2 Pharmacy Manager  $146,412
3 Pharmacist  $127,120
4 ​Enterprise Architect $115,944
5 ​Corporate Counsel  $115,580
6 ​Software Development Manager $108,879
7 Physician Assistant  $108,761
8 Software Engineering Manager  $107,479
9 Nurse Practitioner  $106,962
10 ​Software Architect  $105,329
11 ​Engineering Manager  $105,260
12 ​Applications Development Manager  $104,048
13 ​Plant Manager  $103,892
14 ​IT Program Manager  $102,969
15 ​Solutions Architect  $102,160
16 ​Financial Planning and Analysis Manager $102,155
17 ​Data Architect  $101,900
18 ​Strategy Manager $101,754
19 ​Systems Architect  $100,984
20 ​Scrum Master  $98,239
21 ​Consulting Manager  $97,154
22 ​Attorney  $96,678
23 ​Cloud Engineer $96,449
24 ​Tax Manager  $96,175
25 ​Data Scientist $96,116

Data source: Glassdoor

"The fact that employers are paying top dollar for many tech and healthcare jobs reinforces how demand for these valuable skill sets continues to outpace the supply of talent with these expertises," said Glassdoor Economic Research Analyst Amanda Stansell in a press release.

Salary is important, but it's hardly the only thing you should consider when picking a profession or plotting a career move. Getting paid what you deserve or desire may not be worth it if you hate the work. It's important to find a balance -- even if that means earning a little less than you'd ideally want to.